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Every child has unlimited potential

Northampton Suzuki Studio develops the abilities of children through the Suzuki Method of Talent Education.  


More than fifty years ago, Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki realized the power of the fact that very young children the world over learn to speak their native language with ease. He began to apply the basic principles of language acquisition to the study of music, and called his method "the mother-tongue approach." Talent Education consciously replicates the process of learning language to teach music to children as young as three years old.

Although the overwhelming success of the method can be demonstrated through the high percentage of professional musicians who are Suzuki alumni, musical achievement is not the chief goal of Suzuki study.  Rather, the goal is develop depth of character and heart through the process of gaining musical skill and sharing it with those around us.

Children who participate in Talent Education grow up to excel anywhere that life takes them, because they have learned:

  • To love beauty

  • To love music

  • To love work

  • To love themselves

  • To love others

  • To love fun

  • To love and have interest in their own developing minds

  • A desire  to communicate with their minds and hearts

  • A desire to serve and contribute

  • Eagerness to participate

  • Willingness to lead the group, answer or ask a question

  • Responsibility

  • Team work

  • Understanding that mistakes are not only acceptable, but beneficial to growth

  • Perseverance in the face of difficulty 

  • To develop positive working relationships with others (including their parents)

  • To act with intention when pursuing goals

  • How to learn

  • That their potential is unlimited when they invest effort


So much more than violin lessons

Are you the right match for our program?

Offering all the components of a Suzuki education, Northampton Suzuki Studio focuses on providing instruction for your child as an entire person.  

We work with parents to help our students develop perseverance, integrity, compassion, focus, humor, generosity, sensitivity, musical literacy, service, self awareness, mindfulness, imagination and the ability and desire to work through frustration or fear.  These things, and more, are developed as a result of a combined effort between child and parent, child and teacher, and parent and teacher - a structure often referred to as "the Suzuki triangle."


The right fit for your family?

Will your family be a good fit for this program?  Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Are you strongly interested in the opportunities you see for your child and yourself in this program?

  • Are you willing to create sufficient, discipline and organization in your home schedule to allow for 30-45 minutes initially (sometimes split into 2-3 smaller sessions), and eventually increasing the length of daily work with your child in practice?

  • Are you willing to be, or learn to provide whatever is needed for your child to succeed as a Suzuki student?

  • Will your child be able to function co-operatively in an age-appropriate group class?

  • Will you ensure your child's ability to learn by ear by playing the Suzuki Violin School CD and other fine classical music daily at home or when in the car?



If these sound like actions you and your family are willing to take, we will likely make great partners in nurturing your child's ability and growth!

How our studio works

Lessons:  Students take weekly private lessons (30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on their level) at our studio space in Easthampton's Mill District. The lesson calendar is divided into trimesters:

Fall 2019:  September 10 - January 17


                Spring 2020:  January 21 - June 5

Summer 2020:  June 16 - September 4 (approx.)

Recitals:  Every student performs at two studio recitals a year, one in November-January  and one in May-June.  Additionally, students who are eligible perform individual solo recitals when they are ready to graduate from one Suzuki book level to the next.

Group class:  Students also participate in level-specific group classes roughly three times a month at the Northampton Community Music Center.  Group classes meet on Thursday afternoon September-May.

 Northampton Community Music Center

139 South Street,

Northampton, MA 01060

Events:  Students participate in special events throughout the year in conjunction with their group class participation, including group performances at locations around the valley, community outreach concerts, movie nights, fiddle classes, seasonal parties, guest teacher workshops, and more!

Student Life

Where love is deep, much can be accomplished. - Shinichi Suzuki

Our studio runs on hard work and high expectations - violin study is renowned for being challenging at any age, let alone in childhood.  However, our studio is also a place where students are achieving even more than is being asked.  Many participate in "practice challenges", practicing for 500, 800, even 1,000 days in a row!  Others organize their own neighborhood concerts in their front yards, perform original compositions on live radio, or perform with youth orchestras and chamber ensembles in addition to the work required for private lessons and school.  All of them play beautifully.

The reason our studio members are willing to put in the substantial daily work that results in achievement, is that they do so as a part of a community marked by deep caring, respect, friendship, and FUN.  We recognize that truly excellent post-recital cupcakes are an important part of a child's musical development, as are practicing scales and shifting exercises.  Most of all, we commend effort more than the resulting ability.

Getting Started - The Interview Process

Prospective Beginners (ages 3+)

Prospective beginners will observe a private lesson with their parents.  If your family likes what they see, a trial lesson will be scheduled in order to further sample the dynamics of taking a lesson.

You will be asked to begin listening to all violin tracks of the revised Suzuki Volume 1 Book & CD, and parents are asked to read Nutured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki 

Prospective Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students will observe a private lesson and a group class with their parents, and will then be scheduled for a trial lesson.  

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